Tomorrow, Friday September 24 2021, the CyberNinjas will reveal findings of their long-delayed “complete forensic audit” report in a livestreamed hearing. The only people in attendance will be the two state senators who ordered the audit. No Democrats, no public, no questions.

Right-wing media is salivating. On Steve Bannon’s War…

I realized things were going sideways when we abandoned Bagram Air Base. Dead of night, no notice. And then city after city fell. This is a clusterfuck I thought.

I woke up at 2:30 AM August 16 and watched on Twitter, via my RSS feed (handcrafted list of journalists) as…

August 10, 2021

No evidence.

Curiosity mildly piqued by a (former?) prosecutor on the panel asserting he has tied “hundreds of cases” and Mike…

ButterflyMX For the Fail

We have a standard intercom/buzzer system with video panel. It has never given me any trouble.

Some months ago the co-op board sent out an email saying they were looking into an upgrade…

Watching the Proud Boys March in Portland on MAGA Livestream

Yesterday, August 17 2019, the Proud Boys and assorted affiliate right-wing types staged a march in Portland, Oregon. The event had been heavily pre-gamed in the media, with prophesies of violence, statements by protest and counter-protest leaders calling for non-violence…

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